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The Art of Traditional Hand Screen-Printing 

May 29, 2015 5:52 pm

India holds home to some of the worlds greatest, oldest and most sought after artesian practices including hand weaving, hand embroidery and of course hand screen printing to name a few. Here at Murray Hogarth we utilise these traditional techniques to create beautiful, unique hand made fashion accessories. With today’s market saturated with mass produced, machine made scarves and such; it is always so refreshing to see the combination of skilled craftsmanship and contemporary design merge.

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On our most recent trip to India we had the pleasure of visiting one of the most beautiful and exciting parts of the country, Jodhpur. Home to some of the finest printing houses in India, we embraced the opportunity to view the entire printing process in which our Hogarth scarves and fashion accessories are made, from the initial CAD artwork being transferred onto silk stretched screens right through to the cutting and sewing of the final product.

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Image 13 The Blue City - Jodhpur

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Picture this, 43 degrees, laborious dye mixing, laying out thousands of metres of beautiful scarf fabrics, and the most accurate set up of design placement we have EVER seen. These people are just incredible at what they do! We were truly blown away by the skill and pace of these guys, they certainly do not get the recognition and respect they deserve. They are true artists in their field.

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It was wonderful to see our Hogarth SS16 Signature Collection designs come to life layer after layer, screen after screen, in vivid, summery colours. Watch this space, Hogarth SS16 design developments are well underway…and we are super excited to show you the beautiful prints!

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