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Indian Adventure

February 27, 2015 3:06 pm

This month saw us visiting our manufacturer in India; a trip that we do several times each year, and boy did this trip not disappoint. Ever been to a Sikh wedding? I now have the pleasure in saying I have. The 5-day ceremony (yes you read correctly 5 and yes that does mean 5 outfits!!!) was absolutely beautiful and extremely colourful. Given all the culture and beautiful traditional Indian attire I found myself feeling extremely inspired and have many ideas for future designs.  I left India equipped with new ideas, a stomach full of incredible indian snacks and home baked goods and a hand covered in traditional henna tattoos  Рwhich I have now learned looks incredible when fresh but when the fading process begins makes me look like I either have bad hygiene or have been the victim of a 3 year old art attack (try explaining that to your clients in face to face meetings!)

Having visited our various suppliers in India I left with a lot of excess luggage (oops) but it was totally worth it as we now have some very happy clients, with some wonderful new qualities to help inspire their new collections.

Below are a few pictures I took in an attempt to capture the moments and experiences I enjoyed during the 9 incredible days I spent in India, not quite the same as being there but I hope you enjoy!





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